Why do my hands grow numb after birth

Why do my hands grow numb after giving birth?

About the causes of numbing hands

In medicine, this phenomenon is called parasthesia. The state is characterized by a sensation of tingling, "running shivers". Hands seem wadded, "refuse" to perform their functions. The causes of the problem may be that women in the last months of pregnancy gain weight, their hands swell. The accumulating liquid compresses the wrist and the nerve endings located there. This is the cause of numbness.

Another one is hand injuries in the past, who can remind themselves after delivery. This sometimes happens, because childbirth is a strong stress factor.

Sometimes paresthesia is a symptom of heart disease. The main organ of the cardiovascular system experiences heavy loads during the period of gestation. And if in the last months the heart works at the limit, then after the delivery can make itself felt by numbness of the hand, tachycardia, arrhythmia. Nervous overloads and severe physical fatigue in the first weeks of life are also causes of paresthesia. There are children who suffer from the tummy, and moms constantly shake them on their hands. Here are your hands and get tired of overstrain, staying in one position.

Another common cause of parasthesia is the so-called tunnel syndrome. This is called pinching the nerve endings in the area of ??the carpal tunnel. It is more typical of people working with a computer. So if the mother for some reason is forced to combine care for the baby and work, then she may well have a tunnel syndrome.

Sometimes the cause of numbness in the hands of a lactating woman is osteochondrosis. With the development of arthrosis in the cervical spine, with constant overstrain of the muscles of the neck, a woman may well feel numbness. A provoking factor in the development of osteochondrosis can be a banal calcium deficiency, which many women experience with the appearance of crumbs to light.

Sometimes, with the phenomenon of parasthesia, those mothers who were injected with anesthesia face. After childbirth, they are worried about the hand in which they injected it. This "echo" after delivery is called compression neuropathy of the radial nerve. And without the help of a neurologist here can not do. Sometimes women feel the numbness of the fingers at night, but this happens because of the wrong position of the body, sleeping on one side. Usually, after changing the posture for more comfortable symptoms, parasthesia disappears.

How to cope with numbness?

Neurologists emphasize that this phenomenon is easier to prevent. And recommend to monitor your weight during the period of bearing crumbs, do not allow the collection of extra pounds. In the third trimester, pregnant women should limit their intake of salt and liquid.

If the cause of paresthesia is not in a set of excess weight and swelling, then it is necessary to undergo a checkup with a neurologist to pinpoint its cause. The main thing is to eliminate the most dangerous factor. It's about heart problems. Diagnostic procedures for parasthesia may include the definition of reflexes, radiography of the cervical vertebrae, angiography, a blood test for sugar and trace elements.

Depending on the cause that provoked parasthesia, therapy is performed. If a woman has osteochondrosis, then she will be recommended to undergo massage sessions of the cervical-collar zone of the spine in combination with the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. If there are problems with the vessels, she will be prescribed drugs that improve the condition of the vascular walls. When the cause of parasthesia is atherosclerosis, it is necessary to follow the diet and take funds that lower the level of cholesterol in the blood.

When neuritis is detected, correction with anti-inflammatory drugs is performed in combination with physiotherapy procedures.

If the cause of paresthesia lies in fatigue, the need to work at the computer and combine care for the baby, then you can not do without special gymnastics. And by and large the newly mummy after childbirth should delegate part of the duties to her husband, relatives and have more rest. Otherwise, there may be more serious health problems.

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