Why pregnant women should not be nervous

Why pregnant women should not be nervous

Pregnancy is always associated with experiences and it rarely happens that it passes without failures, surprises and unrest. In this condition, the woman's hormonal background changes, and this is the reason for frequent mood swings. By the way, among the first signs of pregnancy just these differences are called and the desire to cry. But it should be remembered that a woman during this period has a dual responsibility, and her nervousness condition is absolutely contraindicated. Why can not the future mothers be worried and nervous?

Science has proven that the state of nervousness affects the child's future behavior. So, the more a woman worries during gestation, the worse the baby will be afterwards. Nervousness increases by 23% the risk of poor sleep of the child after birth, up to a year. And when a child does not sleep, then, of course, it affects the state of mother. This anxiety "goes" to it again, which can affect the lack of lactation. That is, mom can just disappear milk.

But these are distant consequences of nervousness, and there are earlier ones. So, the experiences and anxieties of women in the early stages of pregnancy can sometimes lead to a miscarriage! Scientists have proved that in nervous women during pregnancy, women and children are born too active, restless. At such child the nervous system can be not absolutely by way of.

During the period of maternity, "nerves" directly affect the future child. He lives in her bosom and feels a change of mood, anxiety. Believe me, it is harder for him to develop from this! This is exactly what scientists have confirmed. After all, the placenta of a future mother has the properties not only to absorb nutrients and oxygen. She also perceives the stress that the mother feels. This was confirmed by recent experiments by scientists at the University of Pennsylvania. The result of this sensitivity of the placenta is a change in the concentration of protein, which affects the development of the brain of the future child. According to experts, this can provoke disturbances in the nervous system of the baby in the future, manifested in the form of schizophrenia and autism. And stress in the first trimester of pregnancy affects the risk of developing schizophrenia in boys. These experiments of scientists have shown, that the stress of the future mother has different effects on girls and boys. More likely to be risks in the future are the future sons.

That's why gynecologists always warn women about avoiding nervousness during childbearing. Confirm the perniciousness of this state and the study of scientists in Britain. They conducted an experiment in which pregnant women aged 22-39 took part. The state of anxiety recorded significant hormonal changes in expectant mothers. The increase in the level of hormones also occurred in the body of unborn children. The result of the experiments were conclusions about the impact of stress on the cardiovascular system of the unborn child, the risk of developing heart disease. The increased content of the stress hormone (cortisol) in the blood of the expectant mother often causes such a problem as premature birth.

So, every mom and dad needs a healthy, calm child. And this largely depends on the stable mood, the calmness of the mother during pregnancy. So limit yourself from this, future mothers! And daddies and relatives should do everything in their power to prevent the woman from experiencing any emotions.

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