Wine during pregnancy

Is it possible to drink wine during pregnancy?

Many representatives of medicine are more than sure: any alcohol in any quantities is very dangerous and categorically forbidden to the future mother, since alcohol is a poison. But there is also an alternative medical opinion, as if small doses of alcohol even in the period of gestation can be useful. After all, poison in small quantities turns into a medicine - you should only be able to use it. Studies confirm that the use of wine (the only alcoholic drink among all) increases the chances of a woman becoming pregnant. And British scientists recently said that a small amount of wine has a beneficial effect on the health of the baby's future. That's just such a statement, each individual Mom can judge in different ways.

What do the pregnant women think? And they think and act in the same way as doctors: who like. Some can pamper themselves with 50 g of good red wine, half diluted. And they do not experience any griefs of conscience. To others, the same thought that "a glass of a magnificent cabernet can theoretically cause an alcoholic syndrome in a fetus" completely discourages any reflection on this matter. If you belong to the latter, then you do not have to read anything, you decided everything for yourself. With what we congratulate you! But if the desire to taste a sip at least occasionally, but still creeps, then you will be useful to learn something else.

So, if you really want to drink wine "for two", then you should choose expensive red dry wine. Or Cahors, but undoubtedly high-quality. In very small doses (literally a spoonful), wine helps to raise too low hemoglobin, which is often observed during pregnancy. And some with the help of wine are saved even from toxicosis - and the appetite appears.

In general, the case, as usual host. But everything should be approached wisely. Talking about sipping wine during pregnancy is quite acceptable, we mean it! There is a logic in taking a sip and settling down, than not doing it and suffering from a desperate desire. However, if you are not drawn to wine, or you can quite cope with your sudden desire, then it's better to definitely give up alcohol. Let them in a very small dose. Because no one will tell you exactly whether this particular sip will be reflected specifically on your child. So think for yourself, decide for yourself.

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