Yoga after childbirth

Yoga after childbirth - when to start to practice and what exercises to do?

When can I do yoga after childbirth?

Of course, most mothers are ready to start training right after delivery. But it's absolutely not worth hurrying in this situation. First of all, a woman should at first devote herself to the care of a little man and his development. It should be borne in mind that throughout the month, the crumb will often have to be applied to the breast, satisfy its food needs at the first demand. If this is not done, then serious problems with lactation may occur. Moreover, Mom must get used to the new rhythm of life, the laborious care of a small baby.

We must not forget that in the postpartum period the body is extremely weakened, and it needs some time to recover. Especially it concerns the internal genital organs. For about two months from the vagina will come out the lochia, which is a contraindication to physical activity. Upon their completion, the uterus will return to normal, the body's condition will stabilize, and only then will the newly mum be able to begin performing the simplest exercises.

If there were gaps during delivery and the doctor was forced to suture, the situation is slightly different. The woman will need much more time to recover, and until the wounds heal, there can be no question of yoga. Independently it is extremely difficult to assess the readiness of the organism to receive loads, Therefore, the woman in childbirth should visit the gynecologist on a regular basis and coordinate such questions with him.

Not every fair sex woman can give birth on her own, and therefore a cesarean section is performed. In this situation, it will take at least four months until the seams get stronger, and the woman will be ready to attend classes. In this case, it is necessary to begin training with the simplest exercises, which will prepare the body for more serious stresses.

Thus, it is difficult to determine what time is considered optimal for the start of training, because the body of each newly mummy is individual. If one woman can recover within a month and a half, then another may require about six months. In any case, the last word should be for the doctor, which can objectively assess the condition of internal genital organs and sutures.

What exercises can I do after giving birth?

If a woman has never done yoga, then it's better to start with group classes for beginners and start them six months after the birth. First of all, it is recommended to master Shawasan's pose. To do this, it is necessary to sit comfortably on your back, legs and arms spread out slightly. It is interesting, but absolutely no movement will not have to be done. It is necessary to lie down for about fifteen minutes gradually relaxing all the muscles. You need to concentrate on breathing and close your eyes. Such an exercise will replace the newly mum for several hours of rest, which is so lacking after the appearance of the baby.

The next pose under the name Adxo Mukha Schwanacana will help to speed up the restoration of internal genital organs and muscles of the lower press. A woman should become even and keep her feet together. Slowly and smoothly, you need to pull your hands to the floor at a right angle, so that they are flush with the body. After the correct posture is found, you should draw in the abdominal muscles.

Jatxapa Papivantanana will contribute to the restoration of the press. It is necessary to be located on the back and stretch out your arms as far as possible with the palms up. The legs at this time should be raised and bent at the knees. After that, you have to tilt the lower limbs to the right side, straighten and press down to the floor, then return to the starting position and repeat the same movements to the left. Such twists are incredibly useful for the body of a young mother.

Ashvini-mudra is no less effective exercise, which is extremely simple. It is necessary to sit comfortably on the floor, legs to stretch out in front of you, and hands to leave in a free position. Then you should strain the muscles of the vagina, after the buttocks, and slowly draw in the anus. It is recommended to do twelve repetitions. Thus, the internal organs will recover more quickly, and Mom will be able to start studying more complex asanas.

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